We are KAAT&CO.

We give an extra dimension to brands. We create campaigns and events with strong content, so that everyone feels what you represent. We are fanatic, enthusiastic and competent. 

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Interactive Conference - Client: CycloMedia
Jubilee & Opening Event - Client: Brand Masters
Summit conference - Client: Ericsson
Conference with award show - Client: Zevij-Necomij

Live communication via unique events and concepts!

KAAT&CO has been around for 10 years and is as big and as small as necessary for each event. We believe that an event is one of the most powerful means of sharing content, of communicating with the target group and of binding people to a brand, both internally and externally. Each event should create value on all levels and ensure that the message truly touches people.

Although we are flexible and work in a no-nonsense way with a fixed team of professionals, we are also always on the lookout for new talent. Networking is part of our DNA and we like to stay up-to-date with what is going on around us. We are always actively looking for new locations, speakers, designers and multimedia solutions. We like to imagine, organise and laugh - together with our clients.

Our aim is to strengthen brands and connect people!

The focus at KAAT&CO is on creating unique and special events of all shapes and sizes. Together with our national and international clients we develop the most effective event concept for the right target group. We reinforce brands and connect people and prefer to do this live.

By listening at all times, not being afraid to ask questions, not being satisfied with half measures and always delivering additional added value, in whatever form, we are able to organise all kinds of events, such as an interactive conference, anniversary celebration, communication-oriented client day, action packed staff outing or perhaps some awesome event to mark the opening of a company's new premises.

We have been passionate about these things for years, have never lost our drive and always aim for... pink!

Would you like to collaborate with KAAT&CO?

Our preferred approach is based on a standard procedure which enables us to organise the most effective concept and event and ensure that the investment made is also actually reflected in your organisation. By doing so we create the maximum added value with the event, which is surely what everyone wants.



The most important phase of the process! What is the event's objective and what is the message to be communicated and the underlying story? Who is the intended target group? We look forward to hearing more about the DNA of the organisation and about how the event needs to be designed. This is the moment when our enthusiasm and curiosity gets the upper hand!



Now that we know all about the organisation and the intended goals and dreams, we will initiate a number of different brainstorm sessions in order to come up with an innovative and unique concept. With us nothing is 'off-the-shelf' and instead we present a tailor-made concept, including an initial indication of the costs.



We get to work as soon as there is agreement about the concept, the action plan and the costs. By that we mean creating the entire live communication process from start to finish, with nothing being left to chance. Calling, mailing, Linked-inning, direct mailing, site visits, safety consultation, planning, meetings, writing protocols - that's our job!



All that we have jointly been thinking about for months then comes together, with us managing the entire event in terms of all disciplines and ensuring a streamlined build-up, execution and conclusion. We do this with fanaticism and drive.



Has the event achieved its goal and have all dreams become a reality? As far as we are concerned an event does not stop after it has been wound down, because we are always looking to the future. We send out questionnaires and try, wherever possible, to measure the intended result and investment and together we will have just one more drink to round things off.... Do you fancy some champagne?

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